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We will continue to post updates and information on this page.  Parents are encouraged to revisit their account settings in Skyward Family Access to ensure their email address is correct.  All district newsletters sent via email will be sent to this email address.  To add or change an email address you must login to your Skyward Family Access account, click the My Account link (top right), enter your email address under Account Settings in the "Email" box, and click the Save button (top right).  The district newsletters being sent to parents are also posted below.

March 26 Letter - Closure Updates
 March 23 Letter - Closure Updates for Parents
March 19 Letter - Announcement of School Closure through April 3, 2020
March 16 Letter - COVID-19 Details & Updates
March 13 Letter - Announcement of School Closure

CURRENT DISTRICT STATUS:  LEVEL 3 (preemptive of confirmed cases)



Are MISD facilities closed to the public?
All MISD campuses are closed during the duration of the announced closure.  Meal pickups are curbside only at the back of the Elementary School.

What should I do if I have traveled recently or have to travel?
If you traveled in the month of March, please complete the appropriate Self-Report Travel form below.  These forms apply to any international or domestic travel. We plan to work directly with the families who have traveled to highly-infectious areas to confirm quarantine for the recommended 14-day minimum.  Also, to keep everyone safe, please use good judgement and quarantine yourself from our community businesses/locations if you have any symptoms of the illness. Follow all CDC Recommendations during this State and National emergency.
• MISD Families Self-Report Travel form
• MISD Employees Self-Report Travel form

Will meals be available during the closure?
The district's Food Service Department will continue providing breakfast and lunch meals for curbside pickup.  Meals may be picked up at the back of the Elementary campus.  Serving times are 7:30-9:30am for breakfast and 11:00am-1:00pm for lunch, Monday-Friday.  If you are in need of food assistance, please call the Admin Office (254-840-2828) or email and your message will be routed to the appropriate personnel.

How will home instruction work?
The district is committed to providing instructional support to allow our students to continue learning while they are away from the classroom. In order to end the school year on time, we must provide home-based instruction. Our teachers and instructional staff have planned and organized instruction for our students. Home instruction begins Monday, March 23rd, and will continue throughout the announced closure.  Please launch our Learning At Home webpage for important information and links to campus resources and assignments. 

What about events that were scheduled?
All school events and travel are canceled for any days that we are closed. Per UIL guidance, all events and practices are canceled. Other local co-curricular activities are also canceled. At this time, major events (prom/graduation) are not affected. However, we will evaluate those activities based on the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

What about STAAR testing?
On March 16th, Governor Abbott made the announcement that he issued a waiver for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) testing requirements for the 2019-2020 school year.  View the TEA website for additional information.