On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the faculty, staff, and administration, I welcome you to the McGregor Independent School District. We are proud of the tradition of success at McGregor ISD. That tradition comes as a result of a commitment by the McGregor community to provide a quality educational experience in every program for our students. We are excited about the future educational opportunities for our students. Let me share with you our vision for the future of MISD.

Our students are well-educated, responsible, citizens who are self-reliant, competent, and confident. They have a positive vision of their future and are fulfilled as they strive to reach their full potential. Our kids possess integrity and know the difference between right and wrong. In short, they are winners; they are successful in every endeavor.

In the learning environment, our homes are full of educational partners that recognize and support quality education. Our campuses and classrooms provide both physical and emotional safety and have all the resources needed to effectively support student learning. In addition, the staff of MISD is highly motivated, well qualified, and caring. They are focused on our shared vision and goals.

In our supporting environment, our district and community share a common vision for and recognize the importance of a quality education. The accomplishments of school programs provide the basis for community pride, and this school district and community provide the resources necessary to facilitate those accomplishments. Finally, since we respect and accept the diversity of our different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures, our community and district trust each other and work cooperatively to educate our students.

We've made great progress over the years towards these ideals, and we'll continue to work tirelessly together every day until this vision is completely attained. Once again, welcome to McGregor ISD.

Kevin Houchin,